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RE: Question about diference between Animate and Manipulate

Hello Januk,

Thanks for your helpful suggestions on several issues. This one got me to
trying some things.

The following gets rid of the n also.

Animate[ArrayPlot[CellularAutomaton[n, {{1}, 0}, {40, All}]],
 {{n, 0, ""}, 0, 255, 1,
  AppearanceElements -> None},
 DisplayAllSteps -> True,
 AnimationRate -> 5,
 AnimationRepetitions -> 1]

When I saw the empty space in the Animate frame I thought I might like to
add a title as one can do with Manipulate (by inserting a String expression
before the control specification). But that is not allowed in Animate and so
is another difference.

If one wants to output an animation with no user controls and no Animate
frame one can use Animator instead. Wrapping it in a zero size Pane
suppresses its display.

Module[{p = 0},
   Pane[Animator[Dynamic[p], {0, 2 \[Pi]}], {0, 0}],
   Dynamic@Plot[Sin[x + p], {x, 0, 2 \[Pi]}, ImageSize -> 300]}]

David Park
djmpark at

From: Januk [mailto:ggroup at]

You can specify what all is shown for a given element being animated.
This probably isn't exactly what you want, but it gets close:

Animate[ArrayPlot[CellularAutomaton[n, {{1}, 0}, {40, All}]], {n, 0,
  255, 1, AppearanceElements -> None}]

Hope that helps!

On Jul 10, 6:32 am, "David Park" <djmp... at> wrote:
> Well, they have a different appearance and a different set of options.
> Nevertheless Manipulate can usually substitute for Animate.
> While we are on the subject of Animate, I wonder if anyone else has
> with 'sticky' Animates? That is, ones that stop after a certain amount of
> time, even though the AnimationRepetitions has a default value of
> If one clicks the Pause/Play control they will usually start and run for a
> while and then stop again. For example, this happens for me with the
> example in the Animate Help.
> Animate[ArrayPlot[CellularAutomaton[n, {{1}, 0}, {40, All}]], {n, 0,
>   255, 1}]
> Also, would it be possible to obtain an animation that ran in a particular
> way without any controls at all? Now, Animate has a minimun mandatory set
> controls.
> --
> David Park
> djmp... at comcast.net

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