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Re: 1/x?


no because it depends on the y-position where the x-axis is placed.
The most people, that make plots have the ability to *read* what is
written on the axis. The numbers that are usual placed there, are
not a pure decoration. And one learn in school (in Germany in the
4 class) that one has to read the numbers first.


Plot[1/x, {x, 0, 100}, AxesOrigin -> {0, 0}]

work fine.


Rotem wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm a new user to Mathematica, and was wondering if any of you
> encountered this strange, yet incredibly basic problem - whey plotting
> 1/x (Plot[1/x, {x, 0, 100}]), the resulting graph seems to be
> intersecting with the X axis...
> Has anyone encountered such an issue (or can plot 1/x without this
> embarrassing side effect)?

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