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Re: Re: How to call or run a NB file in another NB file?



yes, the previous replies can solve my problem,

I need XYZ.nb run from ABC.nb, and XYZ outputs in XYZ.nb.



2008/7/27 Bob F <deepyogurt at>:
> On Jul 25, 4:19 am, GS <vokap... at> wrote:
>> On Jul 23, 3:21 am, "Leo.Chen" <leo.chen... at> wrote:
>> > Hi guys,
>> > I met a problem, in ABC.nb , I need to run XYZ.nb, is there any
>> > function to execute the XYZ.nb in ABC.nb?
>> > cheers,
>> > leo
>> Leo,
>> Here the command that you need to execute from ABC.nb:
>> nb=NotebookOpen["path_to_file_XYZ\\XYZ.nb",Visible->True];
>> FrontEndExecute[{FrontEndToken[nb,"EvaluateNotebook"]}];
>> GS
> This opens the notebook and runs it, but shows the output in it's
> notebook, not the notebook that the command ran in. The impression I
> got from Leo's question was that he wanted the output to show in the
> first notebook, not the second.
> So, Leo, where did you want to see the output appear?
> -Bob

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