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How do I use EdgeRenderingFunction in GraphPlot with one command


I am new to Mathematica and I would like to use GraphPlot for drawing 
graphs. I have a color and a thickness attribute for each edge of the 
graph. I have extended my code from on the posts on thickness 

So, here is how I modified it. But the problem I have is that the 
attributes are getting matched with the edges in a different order.


Array[Freq, 3];
Freq[1] = 0.004; Freq[2] = 0.012; Freq[3] = 0.004;

Array[Color, 3];
Color[1] = Red; Color[2] = Blue; Color[3] = Green;

count = 1;
getThickness[d_] := {getThickness[d] = Freq[count]; count++;}

ColorCount = 1;
getColor[d_] := {getColor[d] = Color[ColorCount]; ColorCount++;}

e = {LGA -> PHX, PHX -> LGA, LGA -> BOS};

g = GraphPlot[e, DirectedEdges -> True, VertexLabeling -> True,
   EdgeRenderingFunction -> ({getColor[#1],
       Thickness[getThickness[#1]], Arrowheads[{{.05, .8}}],
       Arrow[#1]} &)]

Here the order of the edges it takes are 1,3,2 rather than 1,2,3 which is 
the order of the attributes given. This is just a small example but my 
problem has about 900 edges and the order of the attributes gets more 
complicated as one proceeds. Can you please help me how I can modify this. 

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77 Massachusetts Avenue, Bldg. E40-130
Cambridge MA 02139
Phone No: 617-253-7412

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