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Re: Tag Times Protected with Show[]

FreeCaptive6914 at wrote:

> Hi all.  I'm updating an old program to Mathematica 6 and I get the
> error message "Tag Times in (*shows a blank graph*) is Protected."
> Here's the code.
> line = Plot[secondfit, {x, 0.8, maxtime}, DisplayFunction ->
> Identity];
> splot = ListPlot[second, PlotRange -> All, DisplayFunction ->
> Identity];
> Show[splot, line]
> secondfit is a valid function from Fit[], maxtime is a real number,
> and second is a valid list.  I've tried plotting line and splot
> individually, but I get the same error.  Ideas?

Note that you do not need to set the option DisplayFunction to
Identity any more, for the semi-column prevents the output to be displayed.

line = Plot[secondfit, {x, 0.8, maxtime}];
splot = ListPlot[second, PlotRange -> All];
Show[splot, line]

The error message you get is because, at some point, you tried 
(involuntarily) to assign a new value to a protected symbol. In other 
words, you have some syntax error(s) at some point in your code. It is 
hard to tell more without the actual code.

-- Jean-Marc

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