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Re: Problem inputting data into a table that is larger than a window

works on version: 6.0.2  "6.0 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (February 

7, 2008)"


Bob F wrote:

> On Jun 10, 1:40 am, dh <d... at> wrote:

>> Hi Bob,


>> this behaves as expected:


>> Table[InputField[],{i,75},{j,2}]//TableForm


>> You should give an example of your problem.


>> sincerely, Daniel


>> Bob F wrote:

>>> I created a table with about 75 rows and 6 columns and all cells are

>>> in a 16pt Times Roman font. It is larger than the window it is being

>>> displayed in. When I try and input data into the bottom rows of the

>>> table Mathematica automatically scrolls the window to the top of the

>>> table, and now the row I was inputting data into is no longer visible.

>>> The cell that the table is in is a "Text" cell style. No matter what I

>>> try, it keeps scrolling to the top of the table. Any ideas on if this

>>> is a bug or a feature or what I can do to keep it from happening?

>>> Thanks...

>>> -Bob

>> --


>> Daniel Huber



> Just open a blank notebook. Create a text cell and put a couple of

> lines at the top. Then below these lines of text, in the same text

> cell, insert a 75 row by 6 column table (using the menu command

> Insert, Table/Matrix, New, specify 75 rows and 6 columns (draw lines

> between rows, draw lines between columns, draw frame are all selected)

> and then click OK. Make sure the window is shorter than the table in

> case you have a really big monitor and the window fits entirely on the

> screen with the entire table visible.  Then just scroll down to the

> bottom row and type in anything and the first character you type the

> window automatically scrolls to the top of the cell but the input

> still goes to the cell you started typing in - you just cannot see it

> because it is off screen. I can post the Mathematica code, but it's so

> simple to show, I don't think it's needed. This is Mathematica

> on Mac OS X 10.4.11 if it matters. Thanks


> -Bob



Daniel Huber

Metrohm Ltd.

Oberdorfstr. 68

CH-9100 Herisau

Tel. +41 71 353 8585, Fax +41 71 353 8907

E-Mail:<mailto:dh at>


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