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Re: Some undocumented symbols

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  • Subject: [mg89549] Re: Some undocumented symbols
  • From: jerry <jerry45632 at>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 03:00:41 -0400 (EDT)
  • References: <g2nu5n$eh9$>

Sir, I got your "clickable table" and it looks nice but when I click on
an entry, it highlights, nothing else. Is that all there is to a
clickable table? I did search on "clickable" but found nothing that
appears to relate to this.

Szabolcs Horv=E1t wrote:
> Sometimes one stumbles upon symbols which are useful to end users, but
> are not (or not well) documented in the main documentation.  One
> example is PolynomialForm, which I found by accident and which turned
> out to be useful for some people.  Another one is ToColor, which I did
> not know about, but was suggested as a solution to a question I posted
> to MathGroup.
> So I thought that it would be interesting to do an automatic search
> for potentially useful undocumented symbols.  Those System context
> symbols that have a usage message but are not in the main
> documentation are good candidates.  A list of these is attached at the
> end of the message (as strings, to prevent evaluation).  I used the
> file names in $InstallationDirectory\Documentation\English\System\Refer=
> to determine whether a symbol name is in the docs (of course this is
> not completely reliable)
> One might want to filter these further according to the contents of
> the usage message.  This can be done like this:
> Select[symbolNames,
>  ToExpression[#, InputForm,
>    Function[s,
>     StringFreeQ[
>      s::usage, {"is an internal symbol", "is an option",
>       "displays as"}], {HoldAll}]] &]
> The following command will create a nice clickable table:
> Information[Evaluate[Alternatives @@ symbolNames]]
> List of symbols:
> symbolNames =
> {"Above", "AlgebraicRulesData", "Analytic", "ArgumentCountQ",
>  "Below", "BlankForm", "CheckAll", "CoefficientDomain",
>  "ColonForm", "Connect", "ConvertToPostScriptPacket",
>  "DampingFactor", "Decimal", "DefaultValues",
>  "DegreeLexicographic", "DegreeReverseLexicographic",
>  "Delimiters", "DifferenceOrder", "DOSTextFormat",
>  "DoubleLeftTee", "DoubleRightTee", "DoublyInfinite", "DownTee",
>  "DumpGet", "Edit", "EditDefinition", "EditIn",
>  "EliminationOrder", "EllipticReducedHalfPeriods", "EndAdd",
>  "EqualColumns", "EqualRows", "EquatedTo", "ExactRootIsolation",
>  "FileInformation", "FontName", "FontPostScriptName",
>  "FormatValues", "FullAxes", "Generic", "GetContext", "Gradient",
>  "HashTable", "HeadCompose", "HorizontalForm",
>  "IncludeSingularTerm", "Inequality", "InexactNumbers",
>  "InputToBoxFormPacket", "InterpolationPoints",
>  "InterpretTemplate", "Jacobian", "K", "Launch", "LeftTee",
>  "Lexicographic", "LicenseID", "LineForm", "LinkError",
>  "LinkFlush", "LinkHost", "LinkMode", "LinkReadHeld",
>  "LinkWriteHeld", "Listen", "ListQ", "LongForm", "Loopback",
>  "MachineID", "MachineName", "MainSolve", "MakeRules",
>  "MatchLocalNameQ", "MaxPoints", "MetaCharacters", "MinRecursion",
>  "MinSize", "Mode", "Modular", "MonomialOrder", "MouseButtons",
>  "Multiplicity", "NBernoulliB", "NonAssociative",
>  "NProductFactors", "NSumTerms", "NValues", "OptionQ",
>  "OutputMathEditExpression", "ParameterVariables", "ParentForm",
>  "Parenthesize", "Pivoting", "PointForm", "Polynomials",
>  "PromptForm", "RationalFunctions", "RawMedium", "RealBlockForm",
>  "Reinstall", "Removed", "RepeatedString",
>  "ReturnInputFormPacket", "RightTee", "RuleCondition", "RuleForm",
>  "SequenceLimit", "ShowGroupOpenCloseIcon", "Socket",
>  "SolveDelayed", "SpaceForm", "StringByteCount", "StripBoxes",
>  "StripWrapperBoxes", "SubValues", "TextRendering", "ThisLink",
>  "ToColor", "TooBig", "TraceAction", "TraceInternal",
>  "TraceLevel", "UpTee", "Using", "V2Get", "ValueForm",
>  "VerifyConvergence", "VerifySolutions", "VerticalForm",
>  "$BoxForms", "$ConditionHold", "$DefaultPath", "$DumpDates",
>  "$DumpSupported", "$LicenseProcesses", "$LinkSupported",
>  "$MaxLicenseProcesses", "$NetworkLicense", "$OutputForms",
>  "$PasswordFile", "$PipeSupported", "$PrintForms",
>  "$PrintLiteral", "$ProgramName", "$SuppressInputFormHeads",
>  "$TracePattern", "$TracePostAction", "$TracePreAction"}

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