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Re: export pdf font question

In article <g3039u$mf2$1 at>,
 Jean-Marc Gulliet <jeanmarc.gulliet at> wrote:

> > When I use Export["filename.pdf",SomethingIDrew] to export a figure to
> > pdf, Mathematica uses Wolfram fonts like Mathematica1 etc. This often
> > mess up various things such as pdflatex when I do includegraphics.

Does anyone know more about how to set options in Mathematica --- OR in 
whatever implementation of TeX or pdflatex you may be using --- to 
include all necessary fonts in the final PDF file.

I've worked around a few problems like this in the past by opening the 
final PDF file in Acrobat with "Use local fonts" enabled; exporting or 
saving the file in Postscript format; then re-Distilling the Postscript 
file back into PDF format with Include (or is it Embed?) All Fonts 
option set.  (But, I don't claim to know what I was really doing here.)

You might be able to do this with the figure only, before TeXing, or the 
entire document afterward.

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