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Re: Will adding RAM help "No more memory available" error?

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 11:24, Erin Noel <enoel2 at> wrote:
> I have a rather large program the imports data from excel (approximately
> 600x200) and runs a monte carlo simulation on that data. For large numbers
> of iterations, roughly about 5000, Mathematica runs out of memory and
> returns the following error:
> No more memory available.
> Mathematica kernel has shut down.
> Try quitting other applications and then retry.
> My question doesn't relate specifically to my code, which is why I am not
> including any details of it. Generally speaking, will adding RAM to the
> system help prevent this error?

> Are there any other general methods for
> decreasing the likelihood of this error that aren't code-specific?

Not really.  It is possible that this is because of a flaw in your
code and adding RAM will not fix it.  It is also possible that the
calculation is just too big (in this case adding RAM may help), but
I strongly suggest to try to optimize the code first.  Any suggestion
will involve code modifications, so I cannot say much ...  Learning
about packed arrays may turn out to be very useful.  There's also
Share[] (which might actually increases mem usage a little before
decreasing it) and $HistoryLength = 0 can be useful, too.

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