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Re: Finding middle of edge in a graph

>---- Yedidel Elhayany <yedidel at> wrote:

>I have a graph which I need to find the middle of every edge and add a
>vertice in that point. What function returns me all the middle points
>of edged in a graph?

Others (Bob Hanlon) have answered the question you posed. So, I
will point out you don't need to know the actual coordinates of
the center to place a point at the center of a plot. Instead,
you can use scaled coordinates. That is:

Plot[f[x], {x, xmin, xmax}, Epilog->{Red, PointSize[.02],Point[Scaled at {.5,.=

will put a red point at the center of your plot regardless of
details of f, xmin and xmax.

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