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Re: Export PDF plot or Save Selection As -- big troubles with Illustrator

In article <g3vkrr$kes$1 at>,
 Bill Rowe <readnews at> wrote:

> On 6/25/08 at 6:29 AM, siegman at (AES) wrote:
> >Any idea what's happening here???  Seems fair to call this a bug --
> >somebody's not doing right by the PDF format.  But, an Adobe bug or
> >a Wolfram bug?
> Well given two Adobe products treat the same file in different
> ways from your description, I would say this is a problem with
> Adobe rather than Wolfram. I don't have Illustrator to test this further.

Maybe, maybe not.  I have used these two Adobe products jointly on many, 
many graphics files, and they have always worked superbly together.  
There could be some bad PDF code in the document at issue, and one 
product manages to work around it while the other doesn't.   (Two 
different software apps should handle a properly formatted document the 
same, but nothing says what either of them must do with a badly 
formatted document.)

> But Illustrator is not the only way to change the size of a PDF
> graphic on a Mac. Using the graphicx package in LaTeX you can
> easily have the graphic display at any desired size after being
> created by Mathematica.
> Or if you prefer GUI software, there is GraphicConverter which
> can open an modify a PDF file. While I have used
> GraphicConverter to modify a PDF file, I have not tried to
> change the size of the graphic using GraphicConverter. So, that
> might not be possible with GraphicConverter.

I referred specifically to _artboard_ size.  There is a File >> Document 
Properties menu command in Illustrator which allows you to change the 
artboard size of a PDF document (essentially, the size of the page 
within which the PDF image content is located), without changing the 
size of the image content itself.  Similar distinction to "Canvas" and 
"Image" size in Photoshop.  

To best of my knowledge, all graphicx can do is display the entire 
artboard or canvas, and allow you to change the magnification at which 
it is viewed in your display.  And maybe GC has a command to change 
artboard size buried in it somewhere; I haven't seen it, but will have 
to take a look.

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