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6.0.2 Standard Palettes in Windows Vista

I complained earlier on this group that with 6.0.2 the behavior of the 
standard palettes (BasicMathInput, ColorSchemes, SpecialCharacters, etc.) 
has changed such that none of them remember their position or state. This is 
quite annoying if one has a special place for these palettes on the desktop.

I finally found that this is because (in Windows Vista at least) Basic Users 
do not have permission to save these palettes. (In 6.0 and 6.0.1 they did.) 
In Windows Vista one can change the permissions by going to the Wolfram 
files, finding the palettes, right clicking on the palette notebook and 
choosing Properties. Then in the Properties box there is a Security tab. 
There is an Edit button that allows you to change the permissions. I changed 
the Basic Users permission to 'Full Control' and now the palettes remember 
their state and position.

Someone from WRI might comment on whether 'Full Control' is the optimal 
setting and what operating systems require this change.

David Park
djmpark at

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