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Re: NDSolve[] and Differential Equations: Problem solving two

Dear Daniel

Thanks for the reply. I missed to reply to your comments.

On your comment on solving: 

<< This are nmx different calls to NDSolve that are completely independent.

Say im==1, then bdefmitr[[im]]==vi[1][t]. That is, you are declaring

that there is only ONE function to solve for.

My reply: Yes, I am solving them 'nmx' times (nmx = max mode of significance, and im = 1, 2, ..., nmx defines the individual mode numbers), and I am obtaining the time response for each modes separately. Later I combine these time response using mode shape function (Sin[im pi normalizedpositionvariable]) to get the displacement response over time.

Your example is helpful, and I will update my problem if I find something. Thank you.



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