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Re: Opening notebooks with NotebookOpen when one of the directory

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  • Subject: [mg86266] Re: Opening notebooks with NotebookOpen when one of the directory
  • From: ragfield <ragfield at>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 02:28:17 -0500 (EST)
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On Mar 6, 2:09=A0am, deepyog... at wrote:
> I am using Mathematica 6.0.2 on Mac OS X -- anyone have any idea why I
> can't have an alias as an element in the directory path when using the
> NotebookOpen command? For example, if I have a notebook file called
> xyz.nb and it is physically in a folder called /Documents/Realfolder
> and there is also an alias called /Documents/Realfolderalias that
> points to /Documents/Realfolder, then why does the following fail:
> docpath2 = ToFileName[{"/Documents"}, "Realfolderalias"];
> nb77 = NotebookOpen[ToFileName[docpath2, "xyz.nb"],
> =A0 =A0WindowMargins -> {{-1671, Automatic}, {Automatic, -16}}, WindowSize=

> -> {949, 509}]
> but this works fine:
> docpath2 = ToFileName[{"/Documents"}, "Realfolder"];
> nb78 = NotebookOpen[ToFileName[docpath2, "xyz.nb"],
> =A0 =A0WindowMargins -> {{-1671, Automatic}, {Automatic, -16}}, WindowSize=

> -> {949, 509}]
> In other words why doesn't Mathematica open the desired file if one of
> the directory path elements in the complete filepath description
> happens to be an alias?? I did a some Googling of this and also
> searched this group but didn't come across anything. Any suggestions
> on how to make something like this work? I thought that aliases under
> Mac OS X make everything work the same as the real thing? The aliases
> were created using the Finder "Make Alias" command if it matters.

Mathematica does not support aliases as part of a file path.  An alias
is actually a regular file that contains special data that the Finder
knows how to interpret.  If you want this to work you should use a
symbolic link (created with "ln -s" in the terminal).  This creates an
actual link in the file system, rather than a special file that the
Finder treats differently.


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