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Re: Should I uninstall the old version before upgrading?

Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> Andrew Moylan wrote:
>> On Mar 11, 7:00 pm, =EA=CD=EA=CD <huihui.... at> wrote:
>>> I want to upgrade Mathematica from v6.0 to v6.0.1. Can I just install
>>> the new version directly without uninstalling the old version? Should
>>> I uninstall the old version manually before upgrading?
>>> Thanks very much!
>> Yes, do uninstall first. If you don't, you may encounter problems such
>> as this:
>> thread/8300a97190bd0c3b/f35b55aec1ae60a3?lnk=gst&q=%24Failed+drawing+too=
>> ls#f35b55aec1ae60a3
> This is a problem that occurs only if one has moved palettes to a new 
> location?  Because if you install 6.0.2 in an $InstallationDirectory 
> separate from that for 6.0.1, why should it be a problem?

Evidently it's an issue with the installer.

I installed 6.0.2 on top of 6.0.1 on a fairly new XP desktop PC, and it 
failed to put the new DrawingTools palette where it need to go. I have 
always installed all versions of Mathematica to the default directory, 
and have not moved the palettes (or anything else) around. The problem 
did not occur on my (older) XP laptop. Someone from Wolfram called me on 
the phone to get some more details, because they had not been able to 
reproduce the issue. The suspicion, after talking to me, was that the 
reason for the different behavior was that my laptop had had older 
versions of Mathematica installed, whereas the first version installed 
on the desktop was 6.0.0. WRI was able to reproduce the problem after 
talking to me, but did not have a fix for it other than uninstalling, 
deleting the installation directory, and reinstalling.

I didn't have the problem when I installed 6.0.2 over top of 6.0.1 on a 
Vista machine (which also never had anything prior to v.6), so this is 
seemingly an XP specific problem.

Helen Read
University of Vermont

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