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Re: V.6.0.2 gripes...

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  • Subject: [mg86596] Re: V.6.0.2 gripes...
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 04:18:11 -0500 (EST)
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Helen Read wrote:
> Nazdrovje wrote:
>> It might be that it is more Java related than Mathematica related. My
>> 6.0.1 installation on my office desktop usually starts with a Java
>> time-out message; starting the help centre takes a huge amount of time
>> and causes all fans in my machine to run at maximum speed. This
>> behavior started a couple of months ago, so I guess an update in the
>> Java VM machine must have caused it, since I didn't change anything in
>> Mathematica (I've also heard rumours of McAFee being involved).
>> Usually, a restart (or two) of Mathematica overcomes the problems. On
>> my home PCs  there  doesn't seem to be a problem (either 6.01. or
>> 6.02).
> We have been seeing the Java timeout error a lot, on machines on campus 
> and at home. It started a few months ago, and the upgrade from 6.0.1 to 
> 6.0.2 has not helped. If anything, I'm seeing the Java timeout more 
> frequently than before, even on two very speedy new machines where I was 
> rarely getting the Java error before. What happens much/most of the time 
> now is that when you start up Mathematica and go to execute a command, 
> Mathematica just hangs for a while. Eventually, after quite a long wait, 
> you get the first output, together with the Java timeout error. 
> *Usually* it's OK if you quit Mathematica and restart, or if you just 
> close up the error window and go on.
> We have been in contact with Wolfram tech support about the problem, but 
> so far they have not had anything of help.
> We seem to be seeing fewer timeout problems with the Documentation 
> Center in 6.0.2 than we were in 6.0.1, though I don't think that problem 
> has gone away completely. The Java error is quite aggravating.
> --
> Helen Read
> University of Vermont
In the absence of a definitive response from WRI, I think it would be 
worth experimenting with a machine disconnected from the internet. I 
don't get this problem myself, but I have written code that depended on 
paclet information. This worked well if the machine could not access the 
internet (once the relevant data had been downloaded once) and well if 
the machine had a good internet connection. However with a weak 
connection, the system would seem to start the check for more up to date 
information, and then get stuck/crash.

I wonder if Mathematica is trying to update some component on startup. 
Any internet access would probably occur via Java. In particular, have 
you configured your Mathematica to pre-load any software?

As I said in another reply, the Java/J/Link system seems robust to me - 
but maybe I have a lucky machine!

I do think it is unfortunate that the help system, that is so basic to 
beginners, uses Java.

David Bailey

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