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Re: Find roots in a limited interval

Hi Victor,

Solve does not take inequalities, but Reduce does. E.g.:


hope this helps, Daniel

viktor.albers at wrote:

> Dear all,


> Being a Mathematica beginner I struggle to find a solution to a fairly

> simple problem. I have a function (superposition of several weighted

> sinc functions) which in principle has infinitely many roots.


> However I am interested only in lets say roots that are to be found

> within the limited interval between 0 and 5.


> I tried to define a system of inequalities of the type


> Solve[f[t] && t>0 && t<5, t] but no success.

> I played around with the function Reduce but did not have any success

> and I am also not sure if this is the right way forward.


> So the question: Is it possible to define an interval in Mathematica

> in which I am looking for the roots?


> Thank you for your time.


> Regards,

> Viktor



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