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Re: Exceptions Style Problem


This is a little trip wire that WRI has inadvertently left in the path and 
almost everyone trips over it. Either it is a bug or it is a feature that 
needs clearer explanation in the documentation. Basically you have to use 
the equation form of Exclusions to make it work correctly.

folium[t_] := {3 t/(1 + t^3), 3 t^2/(1 + t^3)};

ParametricPlot[folium[t], {t, -30, 30},
 PlotRange -> {{-3, 3}, {-3, 3}},
 PlotStyle -> Black,
 ExclusionsStyle -> Blue,
 Exclusions -> {t == -1}]

David Park
djmpark at

"WetBlanket" <Wyvern864 at> wrote in message 
news:frqpkk$4ru$1 at
>I generated a plot using this code:
> folium[t_]:={3t/(1+t^3),3t^2/(1+t^3)};
> y1=ParametricPlot[folium[t],{t,-30,30},PlotRange->{{-3,3},{-3,3}}]
> It was a nice folium with the asymptote displayed.
> Next I plotted
> y1= ParametricPlot[folium[t], {t,-30,30},PlotRange->{{-3,3},
> {-3,3}},Exclusions->-1 ]
> As expected this gave me the folium without the asymptote displayed.
> Finally, I plotted
> y1= ParametricPlot[folium[t], {t,-30,30},PlotRange->{{-3,3},{-3,3}}
> ,ExclusionsStyle->Blue,Exclusions->-1]
> I expected to see the asymptote displayed in Blue, since the
> documentation for ExclusionsStyle says, "ExclusionsStyle is an option
> to plotting functions that specifies how to render subregions excluded
> according to Exclusions."
> But, instead I get the folium without the asymptote displayed.
> Can anyone help me understand what I am missing?
> Thanks
> Gary Boswell

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