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Funny behaviour of ClipboardNotebook[] (Q: How to copy programmatically?)

When pasting quoted text from an e-mail, Mathematica will offer to 
remove the quoting marks.  It says:

"The text you are pasting appears to be from a quoted email.  Do you 
want Mathematica to remove the quoting marks before pasting it?" (Yes|No)

Here is a quoted expression to try this:

 > {9,
 >  0,
 >  7,
 >  8,
 >  7,
 >  2,
 >  5,
 >  0,
 >  7,
 >  1}

The dialogue box also comes up when evaluating the following to access 
the clipboard programmatically:


This is expected and understandable.  But the dialogue box appears when 
using NotebookPut[] too if the clipboard contains a quoted expression!

NotebookPut[Notebook[{"abc"}], ClipboardNotebook[]]

Why does this happen?  Is it a bug?  Also, is this the correct way to 
*copy* a string to the clipboard programmatically?  It does work, but I 
am not sure if Notebook[{"abc"}] (with no Cells) is a correct Notebook 
expression. (Where is the correct syntax documented?)

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