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Re: Another stylesheet question

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  • Subject: [mg86969] Re: Another stylesheet question
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 08:20:28 -0500 (EST)
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I'm not a total expert on this at all and it would still be nice if WRI 
provided more complete documentation on creating, modifying and using style 

A general criticism I have with all the WRI style sheets is that the Text 
font size is too small. If one looks at textbooks or research papers the 
text font size is always just as large, if not larger, than the font size 
used in equations. Mathematica notebooks are the best method there is for 
technical communications and Text cells are just as important as 
Input/Output cells. One might even consider making Text cells the default 
new cell type! Also, Output cells should be unadorned in any way so that if 
one closed up the Input cells the notebook would look just like a textbook 
or research paper.

I don't think you can, or should, change the Default.nb style sheet. What 
you should do is modify it and use SaveAs to save it to a new name, say 
MyDefault.nb, in your personal FrontEnd, StyleSheets folder.

David Park
djmpark at

"Jerry" <Jer75811 at> wrote in message 
news:fsd6lf$9fn$1 at
>I went thru the stylesheet tutorial that David Park kindly
> made available. I was successful in making the new
> stylesheet he proposed. But I'd like to do something he
> didn't cover (that I could find).
> I'd like to simply change the size of the text in the "text"
> style (the cell type found in the little box at upper left
> in a notebook). I can reformat the text cell by cell but I'd
> like it to just use a proper text size to start with from
> default.nb. I've given up trying to do this in Options
> Inspector. I've looked thru it forever and can't find any
> way to change text size. And if I did, would that change
> what's in the default.nb stylesheet?
> So I did Format/ Edit Stylesheet, selected the text style,
> to modify, then changed it to a new size and color via the
> Format Menu and then *Save As* default.nb.  Well, that
> didn't work -- Mathematica wouldn't even run on restart. I had to
> restore default.nb from my backup copy. Even though the Edit
> Stylesheet window says it is using inherited base
> definitions from default.nb, the file it makes is tiny and
> apparently leaves out items needed for Mathematica to run.
> So I'm missing the big picture -- can someone please tell me
> how to modify default.nb -- or make Mathematica use a different
> stylesheet on startup? Thanks.

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