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Re: Help with Manipulate

Sir, I tried your code and after I use the sliders to 
generate boxes with three different numbers, I can't find a 
way to use them. Is there a simple way to apply this to 
generate 3 global variables like x, y, and z which can be 
used later in the notebook? Thanks.
> You can create a row of controls manually:
> Manipulate[u,
>  {{u, {0, 0, 0}}, None},
>  Row[Manipulator[Dynamic@ u[[#]],
>    AppearanceElements -> {"InlineInputField", "InputField"},
>    ImageSize -> Tiny]& /@
>   Range[3], Spacer[5]]]
> It won't look as good if you want to include all the Manipulator
> elements though.
> Maxim Rytin
> m.r at

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