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Re: Re: Re: Request for Collective Wisdom...

Another suggestion which is related to these tips: open new notebooks  
whenever performing scratch calculations. Once you figure out what  
works or what is relevant to the task at hand, copy the relevant cells  
into the notebook which acts as the "permanent record" for saving.

Until I started doing this, my notebooks would gradually accumulate a  
lot of unnecessary, irrelevant cruft that would drift to the end of  
the notebook.


On 12 May 2008, at 09:46, Murray Eisenberg wrote:

> This tip is more important than it might at first seem: Many  
> Mathematica
> novices mistakenly believe that evaluations are localized to the
> particular notebook in which they are working, rather than to the
> session and, where relevant, the context.
> (This misconception may be due to a difference in the way some other
> mathematical software handles this situation.)
> Donald DuBois wrote:
>> When defining a new function, have two windows open:
>> one for  building up the new function, and the other for trying out  
>> code to make sure it works before adding it to the function  
>> window.  Don't try to do everything in one window.  Seems wasteful  
>> at first but it's an enormous time saver in the long run.
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