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Re: export mathematica table to .mat (MATLAB) format.Please help!!!

On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 2:22 PM, konstantinos mammasis
<mammasis82 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for your reply. Let me please explain in further detail.
> I am integrating a function many times. Every time the integral is evaluated
> I store its output value in a Table. I want to export all the table values
> to .mat format. So my code looks like this:
> Table[NIntegrate[
>   Function[\[Theta], \[Phi]]
>    SphericalHarmonicY[n, m, \[Theta], \[Phi]], {\[Theta],
>    0, \[Pi]}, {\[Phi], 0, 2 \[Pi]}], {n, 0, 20}, {m, -n, n}]
> MatrixForm[%]

This command does not have a correct syntax and cannot be evaluated
without errors, so I'm not sure what your data looks like exactly.
But it seems that we are working with 2-level lists, so we just need
to pad it.

> As you can understand from my code for each value of n,m I want to evaluate
> this integral and store the output. A few months ago I was advised to use
> the Table function in order to do this. However, now that I want to export
> this table I get problems.
> Do you have any suggestions?
> You are right that my matrix is not "quite" a matrix as we know it. However,
> perhaps there is a way to fill in the empty entries with zeros. I don't know
> how to do it.

If we have a ragged array, such as

data = Table[i + j, {i, 1, 5}, {j, 1, 2 i}]

, we can pad it with zeros using PadRight:

PadRight[data, {Length[data], Max[Length /@ data]}]

This will give return a matrix that can be exported to .mat format.

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