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Re: export mathematica table to .mat (MATLAB) format.Please help!!!

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  • Subject: [mg88798] Re: export mathematica table to .mat (MATLAB) format.Please help!!!
  • From: sigmundv at
  • Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 05:36:42 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear Alex,

What does $ExportFormats return? Is MAT contained in the list
returned? I have no problems exporting a matrix to a MAT file. I'm

In[6]:= $Version

Out[6]= 6.0 for Linux x86 (32-bit) (April 20, 2007)

The following export formats are supported:

In[1]:= $ExportFormats

Out[1]= {"3DS", "ACO", "AIFF", "AU", "AVI", "Base64", "Binary", "Bit",
"BMP", "Byte", "BYU", "BZIP2", "CDF",               "Character16",
"Character8", "Complex128", "Complex256", "Complex64", "CSV", "DICOM",
"DIF", "DXF", "EPS", "ExpressionML", "FASTA", "FITS", "FLAC", "FLV",
"GIF", "Graph6", "GZIP", "HarwellBoeing", "HDF", "HDF5",    "HTML",
"Integer128", "Integer16", "Integer24", "Integer32", "Integer64",
"Integer8", "JPEG", "JPEG2000", "JVX",    "List", "LWO", "MAT",
"MathML", "Maya", "MGF", "MIDI", "MOL", "MTX", "MX", "NB", "NOFF",
"OBJ", "OFF", Package", "PBM", "PCX", "PDF", "PGM", "PLY", "PNG",
"PNM", "POV", "PPM", "PXR", "RawBitmap", "Real128", "Real32",
"Real64", "RIB", "RTF", "SCT", "SND", "Sparse6", "STL", "String",
"SVG", "SWF", "Table", "TAR",   "TerminatedString", "TeX", "Text",
"TGA", "TIFF", "TSV", "UnsignedInteger128", "UnsignedInteger16",
"UnsignedInteger24", "UnsignedInteger32", "UnsignedInteger64",
"UnsignedInteger8", "UUE", "VRML", "WAV", "Wave64", "WDX", "X3D",
"XBM", "XHTML", "XHTMLMathML", "XLS", "XML", "XYZ", "ZIP", "ZPR"}

I do not know if this list is machine dependent, though.

Kind regards,
Sigmund Vestergaard

On May 15, 12:51 pm, Alex <mammasi... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am aware of this. I simply changed it to make the text more readable. Th=
is is because I copy pasted the values directly from the table in this box.
> The first few entries is simply an example of the Table as I see it. I hav=
e also used the command MatrixForm[%].
> Now when I try to export this it fails. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!
> So a different sample of what I see follows:
> {
>  {{0.272409}},
>  {{0.132711+ 0.231672 \[ImaginaryI],
>    0.221351, -0.130221 + 0.226132 \[ImaginaryI]}}}
> I then use MatrixForm[%]
> I then use Export["file.mat", Out[6]] and it fails.WHY???
> Thanks
> Alex

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