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Re: Soundnote, musical instruments playing at arbitrary pitch

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  • Subject: [mg89229] Re: Soundnote, musical instruments playing at arbitrary pitch
  • From: janos <janostothmeister at>
  • Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 02:56:39 -0400 (EDT)
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On May 29, 2:39 pm, "Hans Michel" <hmic... at> wrote:
> Janos:
> In private communication you stated that you want to experiment with
> something like
> but with MIDI.
> At first I was hesitant to offer any ideas since it involves lots of time
> and the proper equiment (soundcard or MIDI controller.) This all assumes
> that the java MIDI driver has access to the sound cards MIDI banks. If it
> does not then you should look into
> If there is no java MIDI banks available the driver will try to find what is
> available on your sound card. At which point this path may work for you:
> If you have a sound card that can take SoundFont; you can fill the memory
> banks of your sound card (really using memory from your system). Properly
> configured these sample sounds can be accessed in Mathematica using
> SoundNote's function Style property. The style can take as document states
> "Style {bank, patch, s} represents an instrument in the specified bank and
> patch"  and s between 1 and 128 represents of that bank. So this will no
> longer be General MIDI instruments but sampled sounds or other MIDI
> instruments that you placed in those banks.
> This all depends on the hard ware you have.
> On a PC with Creative compatible sound card there is software available to
> load sample sound in the SoundFont format (by all means this is not the only
> format for sampled sound) But see
> Now you can save a sample of a particular midi note instrument say "Violin"
> and convert to .wav or .aif. Now if you process this wav file to change its
> properties to your liking and load it into a MIDI bank and patch. If you
> specify that sound bank and patch you should hear back the sampled sound.
> For that matter you can sample your voice load it into a MIDI bank and patch
> and play it back
> with SoundNote function in any MIDI Key.
> If your limited to what the Java synthesizer is capable of then I would look
> into modifying the Java Synthesizer.
> Hans
> "janos" <janostothmeis... at> wrote in message
> news:g1gqj6$1fq$1 at
> > SoundNote["G", 1, "Violin"] gives you a middle G as if performed by a
> > violinist corresponding to a predefined scale (should I know which?)
> > It does not accept real numbers as a second variable.
> > Play can play you any waveform.
> > I would like to have the, say, violin profile but play a sound note at
> > arbitrary pitch.
> > How can I do this? The FullForm of SoundNote gives no information,
> > and I do not want to invest a large amount of work into creating the
> > appropriate profile if it has been done once.
> > Could anyone help me please?
> > Thank you,
> > Janos

Thank for all of you for the tips.
I do not think I would learn MIDI (I did not even mentioned it,
because I do not know what it is :))
or Java; neither would I start constructing my electronic musical
I use Mathematica because I am NOT interested in low level programming,
neither in hardware,
I am interested in problem solving.
Since there is no possibility to learn within Mathematica what Soundnote does,
therefore what I could only do is to get the profiles of musical
instruments from the net, (the overtones: the addends in a finite
Fourier expansion, if I understand well), and use Play to create, say,
piano sounds with arbitrary pitch.

Thank you again,


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