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Re: Mathematica Help Urgent (Very New Beginner)

On Nov 4, 5:17 am, Derek <derekcas... at> wrote:
> I am just beginning to learn to use Mathematica, and need to create a table of values. I would like to be able to input x-values and have the table display f(x), f'(x), and possibly f''(x) for a given function. I have already specified the function, and I have found the following input creates tables:
> Table[{x,f[x]},{x,-5,5,.5}]
> My problem is this: I would like to input specifc x-values, rather than use set intervals as defined in {x,-5,5,.5} above. Is there a way to specify a list of specific x values so that Mathematica computes the values of f[x] in table form?
> Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks.

In[1]:=Table[{f[x], f'[x], f''[x]}, {x, {1, 3, 5}}] // TableForm
Out[1]//TableForm = f[1]  f'[1]  f''[1]
                               f[3]   f'[3]  f''[3]
                               f[5]   f'[5]   f''[5]

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