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RE: Mathematica Help Urgent (Very New Beginner)

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  • Subject: [mg93363] RE: [mg93332] Mathematica Help Urgent (Very New Beginner)
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 04:52:52 -0500 (EST)
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Here is a sample function:

f[x_] := x^2 Sin[x]

Assuming you have Version 6, you can make a table simply by listing the set
of values you want.

(values = 
   Table[{x, f[x], f'[x], f''[x]} // 
     N, {x, {0, 1, 1.5, 2, 5, 10}}]) // TableForm

If you don't have Version 6 you can use MapThread with a pure function. (But
for a beginner this take a little study. You would have to look up Function
and MapThread in Help.)

Going back to Version 6, we can add a heading row and then display a
formatted grid.

(gridarray = 
   Join[{{x, HoldForm[f[x]], HoldForm[f'[x]], HoldForm[f''[x]]}}, 
    values]) // TableForm

 Frame -> True,
 Dividers -> {{2 -> Black}, {2 -> Black}}]

David Park
djmpark at 

From: Derek [mailto:derekcashel at] 

I am just beginning to learn to use Mathematica, and need to create a table
of values. I would like to be able to input x-values and have the table
display f(x), f'(x), and possibly f''(x) for a given function. I have
already specified the function, and I have found the following input creates


My problem is this: I would like to input specifc x-values, rather than use
set intervals as defined in {x,-5,5,.5} above. Is there a way to specify a
list of specific x values so that Mathematica computes the values of f[x] in
table form?

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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