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Re: right hand side

aa = 2*x + 5*y == 1;

y /. Solve[aa, y][[1]]

(1/5)*(1 - 2*x)

Last[Reduce[aa, y]] // Simplify

(1/5)*(1 - 2*x)

An alternate way to extract the results of Reduce

y /. ToRules[Reduce[aa, y]] // Simplify

(1/5)*(1 - 2*x)

Bob Hanlon

---- magdamoczydlowska at wrote: 

Hello Everyone!

I suppose that my question can be very easy. I will translate it on
simple equation,
aa = 2*x + 5*y == 1, I need to plot this equation so i take Reduce
[aa,y], the result is following y == 1/5 - (2 x)/5. Now I would like
to take right side of equation to plot 1/5-(2x)/5. However I do not
know how to do it.

Thank you for help,


Bob Hanlon

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