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Formating ::usage strings

Does anybody know how to format usage strings from within Workbench?
I would like to create usage strings with italicized and subscripted
arguments similar to the built-in usage strings (try ?Plot for an
example).  I know that in theory I can painstakingly create all the Box
[] structures to do this, but there must be a simpler way.  I seem to
recall seeing at a conference a Wolfram developer make a couple of
simple keystrokes to do this, but I was too overwhelmed by the
coolness to write down what he did.

After playing with it a bit, it looks like (in Mathematica) I can type
the argument, select it, go to Format>Style>Other, and give it the
style TI.  Subscripting can be done in the usual Control_ way.  After
formating the string in Mathematica, I can copy/paste the result into
Workbench. So it looks like I have a way to get around it, but I swear
there is a shortcut to all this.  Does anybody know what I am talking


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