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Re: Mathematica 7.0 slow on OS X

Bill Rowe wrote:
> On 11/25/08 at 7:18 AM, maderri2 at (magma) wrote:
>> Does the Mathematica 7.0 own benchmarkreport take advantage of
>> parallel computing? There should be an improvement at least there.
>> Or not?
> Yes. That is looking at the code in Benchmark.m, there are
> points where the code is set to use parallel processing when
> possible. But this is also true for the code in Version 6. At
> the momement, I don't have a setup that allows me to see what
> effect this has.

With version 6 the parallel computing happened inside some numerical 
matrix library functions (provided by Intel). In version 7 the parallel 
computing can, in addition to that, use several Mathematica kernels in a 
totally new way.

With Mathematica benchmarking in my platform, however, the use of 
parallel subkernels with Math 7.0 seems to be very bad idea:

Needs[ "Benchmarking`"]
(* Only one kernel *)
  ..."System" -> "Microsoft Windows (64-bit)",
  "BenchmarkName" -> "MathematicaMark7", "FullVersionNumber" -> "7.0.0",
  "Date" -> "November 26, 2008", "BenchmarkResult" -> 1.699,
  "TotalTime" -> 50.72...

  KernelObject[1, "local"], KernelObject[2, "local"]}
(* two parallel subkernels *)
  ...{"MachineName" -> "2-node homogeneous cluster",
  "System" -> "Windows-x86-64", "BenchmarkName" -> "MathematicaMark7",
  "FullVersionNumber" -> "7.0.0", "Date" -> "November 26, 2008",
  "BenchmarkResult" -> 1.97, "TotalTime" -> 262.494}

So, TotalTime went from 51 secs to 262 secs. Not very nice example of 
parallel advantages.


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