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Re: ContourStyle -> {{Dashing[0.15, 0.5]}} has no effect

On 9/30/08 at 7:36 AM, erwann.rogard at (er) wrote:

>Dashing below has no effect. I must be doing something wrong...Any
>suggestion would be nice. Thanks!

>With[{dist = NormalDistribution[0, 1/2]},
>ContourPlot[PDF[dist, x2]PDF[dist, x3], {x2, -2, 2}, {x3, -2, 2},
>ContourShading -> False,
>ContourStyle -> {{Dashing[0.15, 0.5], Thickness[0.002],
>RGBColor[1, 0, 0]}}]

Are you using version 6? If so, you should have noticed the
second argument to Dashing, i.e., ,0.5 was colored red
indicating a syntax error. Dashing expects a single argument,
either a number or a list of numbers. Change Dashing[0.015,0.5]
to Dashing[{0.15,0.5}] and you should get the desired result.

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