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Re: Variable question

Johney at wrote:

> I have the following test code
> c = 3
> var = "c"
> v = StringTake[var, {1}]
> v
> v is showing up as c but I want it to show up as 3.  Is there a way to do this?

What you are looking for is the built-in function *ToExpression*, which 
takes a string of characters as argument, transforms it into a regular 
Mathematica expression that is evaluated, then the result of the 
evaluation is returned.

   In[1]:= c = 3
           var = "c"
           v = ToExpression[var]

   Out[1]= 3

   Out[2]= "c"

   Out[3]= 3

   Out[4]= 3

-- Jean-Marc

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