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Re: nested derivatives

Huub Mooren schrieb:
> How do I enter the following recursive function in Mathematica:
> t[n]=(1/y')*t'[n-1],
> with n the index
> t[0]=x
> y is some function of x
> Thanks for your help.
> Huub Mooren
I would try:
Subscript[t, 0][x_] = x;
Subscript[t, n_][x_] := Derivative[1][Subscript[t, n - 1]][x] /

Block[{y = Exp}, Table[Subscript[t, n][x], {n, 0, 5}]]
{x, E^(-x), -E^(-2*x), 2/E^(3*x), -6/E^(4*x), 24/E^(5*x)}


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