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Re: odd delay problem

Hi Michael,

Array returns a list of functions. Therefore, when you say G=Array[a,..] 

and a[i] already has a value, the functions a[i] will be evaluated and 

you end up with a list of numbers, not functions. To prevent this, Clear 

a before using it.

hope this helps, Daniel

Michael Mandelberg wrote:

> I am running v.


> I am having some weirdness where I will do something like:


> G=Array[f,100];

> For[i=1, i<=100, i++,

>    f[i] = some calculation]


> Then I will look at the result:


> ListLinePlot[G]


> The strange thing is, if I rerun this, but change 'some calculation'

> to 'some other calculation', then rerun the plot, the plot stays the

> same.  If I rerun the loop again, then the plot will change as

> expected.  What's going on here?  Why isn't it "taking" the first time?



Daniel Huber

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CH-9100 Herisau

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