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Incorrect bounding box when using ImageResolution


I'd like to increase the resolution of the rasterized export of some
plot.  The ImageResolution option seems to do just that.  So I try:

In[1]:= ripples = Plot3D[1/y Cos[1/x], {x, -1, 1}, {y, -1, 1}];

In[2]:= Export["ripples-72.png", ripples, ImageResolution -> 72]

Out[2]= "ripples-72.png"

In[3]:= Export["ripples-300.png", ripples, ImageResolution -> 300]

Out[3]= "ripples-300.png"

This works pretty well, except that the image created with
ImageResolution -> 300 has rather big empty borders, whereas the image
created with ImageResolution -> 72 (or no ImageResolution option
whatsoever) has a nice tight bounding box, i.e. no unnecessary borders.

Does anyone know why this happens?  Is there a way to avoid it?

This is with Mathematica 6.0.1 on openSUSE 10.2 on an x86_64 machine.


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