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Re: Normal Probability plot

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  • Subject: [mg91700] Re: Normal Probability plot
  • From: P_ter <petervansummeren at>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 02:05:09 -0400 (EDT)

I mostly check the model (in this case the normal distribution) against the data with Quantiles:
 myq = 100000;
data = Sort@RandomReal[NormalDistribution[5, 1], { myq}];
ListPlot[Transpose@{Quantile[NormalDistribution[0, 1], (Range@ myq - .5)/ myq],data}, Frame -> True, Axes -> None]
The ListPlot looks beautiful, but!
First I make a list of the result of FindFit:
varmed = FindFit[Transpose@{Quantile[NormalDistribution[0, 1],(Range@ myq - .5)/ myq], data},a x + b, {a, b}, x]
myy = Quantile[(data - varmed[[2, 2]])/varmed[[1, 2]], (Range@ myq - 0.5)/ myq];
myx = Quantile[NormalDistribution[0, 1], (Range@ myq - .5)/ myq];
mp = Transpose@{myx, myy - myx};
One can observe how the quantiles of the data (no sample correction) fit the quantiles of the model.
In the above example they both come from the normal distribution.
with friendly greetings,

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