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Re: shooting method

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  • Subject: [mg92105] Re: shooting method
  • From: "Kevin J. McCann" <Kevin.McCann at>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 04:58:38 -0400 (EDT)
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I think you mean that A is approximately zero not <<1.

To figure out what I should actually use for A and B, I first Plot your 
potential. If I am looking for bound states, then it looks as though I 
can use A=0.9 and B=4. Further refinements could be necessary. Here is 
some code.

A = 0.9;
B = 4.0;
nde[e_] = {-y''[x] + 400 (1/x^12 - 1/x^6) y[x] - e y[x] == 0,
    y[A] == 0, y'[A] == 1};
tbl = Table[{e,
     y[B] /. NDSolve[nde[e],
        y, {x, A, B}][[1]]}, {e, -10, -0.01, .01}];
ListPlot[tbl, PlotRange -> {-100, 100}]

What this does is to start at A and shoot to B for a given trial 
eigenenergy e, then evaluate y[B] and plot the results for a lot of e's. 
As you can see if you run the code, there is a zero crossing for e ~= 
-0.85 (the only zero crossing).

Now you can write a function and use FindRoot to get the eigenvalue, 
then you can generate the eigenfunction and normalize it.

Here is the code to find the eigenvalue and plot it:

f[e_?NumberQ] := y[B] /. NDSolve[nde[e], y, {x, A, B}][[1]]
e0 = e /. FindRoot[f[e] == 0, {e, -9, -8}]
Y = y /. NDSolve[nde[e0], y, {x, A, B}][[1]]

Plot[Y[x], {x, A, B}]

Note that there is another eigenvalue/eigenfunction at about e=-55 as well.

Luca Petrone wrote:
 > Dear All,
 > Using a shooting method, I would like to find the smallest eigenvalue of
 > -y''[x] + 400((1/x)^12 - (1/x)^6) y[x] ==  E0*y[x]
 > (the quantum-mechanical steady state energy of an anharmonic 
oscillator with Lennard-Jones potential)
 > with the boundary conditions :
 > y[A]==0
 > y[B]==0
 > with A<<1 and B >> 1
 > Can anyone help about how to implement it ?
 > Thank you
 > Luca

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