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Re: New definition of the Plot preference

Use SetOptions

Bob Hanlon

---- Yiping Huang <u930309 at> wrote: 

I feel tired to give every parameters again and again in the Plot[,PlotStyle->...] command.
Are there any method that I can set the parameters as I want. All I need to do is (List)Plot[data], and the figure can show as what I want it to be?

I try one way to redefine the Plot function,
ListPlott[data_]:=ListPlot[data,{Parameters I want.}];
The problem of the above definition is that I can't change the label of axes easily. So it is almost useless...

Are there any smarter way to redefine the command, maybe like
Plott["label of x axis","label of y axis",data_]:=...and I can use a more convenient command


Bob Hanlon

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