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Re: Palette Tutorial/training help

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  • Subject: [mg98161] Re: [mg98121] Palette Tutorial/training help
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 05:54:57 -0500 (EST)
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I surmise that you are a relatively new user of Mathematica?

In a number of postings you have suggested changes to the design of
Mathematica that I would consider rather marginal, even for you, and more or
less just rearrangements of things. New users often want to redesign
Mathematica before they have familiarized themselves with how it presently

For example, a search box just searches the paclet documentation. It is
already on documentation center pages. The Function Navigator is only
another way to link to documentation pages. Putting a search box in the
Function Navigator would only duplicate what is already there. And the
documentation page would presumably already be up because that is what you
used to get the Function Navigator.

The various Assistant palettes might be subject to some redesign if there
are enough specific comments from users. I would like to see the DelayedRule
and Equal commands in some convenient place on the palettes. (Rather, say,
than comma and Set.) I'm always forced to go back to the old

It is often useful to create your own paste palettes. You could rather
easily learn to do this. Look up



If you are a new user, the main thing is to learn the basic syntax and
functionality of Mathematica (which takes some time), get help from
MathGroup (which is not only free but very good), and try some actual math
solo (which is where the fun is).

But don't spend a lot of time redesigning Mathematica because it is not only
difficult but it has low payoff for any new user.

David Park
djmpark at  

From: meitnik at [mailto:meitnik at] 

Hi all,

I am a disabled person who has trouble with typing. So I really use/
need the palette tools a lot. Although the classroom assistant palette
provides a great deal helping me, it needs to be redesigned some for
my needs. I had tried tearing it apart but its way too complex to do
so. All I am wanting to do is rearrange buttons and panels, and adding
a few new buttons. I would be glad to create a picture mock up of the
changes for anyone wanting to help me. I live on very limited income
so I can't really pay for hire (M7 Home Edition is a belated 50th
birthday gift from family/friends).
However, if someone created an in depth tutorial how to create/edit
palettes than I would gladly roll my own to meet my needs. Yes, I have
studied the docs on palettes in M7, and about to work through docs in
M6 as suggested to me. But often the docs do not provide enough info
to help me.  Or, any links to sites that have that level of tutorial.
Maybe someone from the User-Interface group at WRI would like to
contact me?

Thank you for any help.

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