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Dynamic 2D ListLinePlot PlotRange

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  • Subject: [mg98228] Dynamic 2D ListLinePlot PlotRange
  • From: Bryce Schober <bryce.schober at>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 04:35:24 -0500 (EST)

I'm a bit of a newbie here, trying to build up some data visualization
tools. I've already gotten a ListLinePlot working well with slider to adjust
xmin and xmax. I was hoping that I could set PlotRange to All for the Y axis
and it would adjust for the Y-values in the dynamically specified x range,
but no such luck. Is there some other way to not have to do the y-axis range
calculation myself?

I suppose some explanation of the dataset is desired. I have something like:
, where the x values and lengths are heterogeneous between xy lists 1 and 2

This makes the calculation of ymin and ymax very non-straightforward to me,
and re-calculation unacceptably slow on 20k+ data points per list. The
dynamic x-axis plot scaling actually goes very smoothly, by using a
construct like:

 ListLinePlot[data,PlotRange -> All,],
 PlotRange ->Dynamic[{{curxmin, curxmax},All}],

I've tried various ways to get at the problem, and the closest I've gotten
is something like:

 {Min[#], Max[#]} &,
        #[[1]] > tmin
         && #[[1]] < tmax
        ) &
      ]) &,
   ][[All, All, 2]]

Which get me basically the result I want, but is really slow to evaluate,
making it undesirable as Dynamic[].

Any ideas?

Bryce Schober

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