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Re: Re: Can't figure out how to export

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  • Subject: [mg98261] Re: [mg98216] Re: [mg98204] Can't figure out how to export
  • From: peter <plindsay.0 at>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 20:10:40 -0500 (EST)
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strictly speaking, you don't export to LaTeX. All LaTeX will do [
beautifully ] is pick up the image you've saved to disk from
Mathematica and include it within your final compiled document [
probably a PDF ].


2009/4/3 Gerry Flanagan <flanagan at>:
> I believe the only direct path (no intermediate third-party software) is
> to copy-as an image, such as bit-map, and paste. I just started
> experimenting with MathType 6.5 (not the version that ships with Word).
> It will allow you to paste in a Mathematica equation. It seems to do a
> reasonable job, at least for moderate size and complexity equations. The
> best answer is to probably to export to LaTex, then find some software
> to use the tex in word, but I'm less familiar with that route.
> Gerry F.
> neojunkox wrote:
>> I help out my lab partners in one of my classes by exporting out the dat=
a and equations we worked on from mathematica. They use microsoft word so I=
 need to copy or export things into rtf first or copy things directly into =
microsoft word. The problem is that many symbols come out strangely when I =
try to export or even copy them the tables and math notation comes out like=
>>    {\[Null], "\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(F\), \(1\)]\)", "\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\=
(d\), \(1\)]\)", "\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(=83=E4\), \(1\)]\)", "\!\(\*Subscrip=
tBox[\(F\), \(2\)]\)",
>> It seems like there is something not set up the way I want to in the exp=
ort or copy functions... Also, when exporting to rtf, the tables come out a=
s a list of data instead of being in the correct form. Another system used =
to export this stuff out to rtf correctly by default... How do I set up mat=
hematica to do the same?

Peter Lindsay

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