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Re: Adding text to RegionPlot

Jim Rockford wrote:
> I would like to add text at specific (x,y) locations for a 2D graphic
> generated by RegionPlot (meaning, I'd rather not use the graphic tool
> and add text by hand).  Is there a way to do this?  I get mathematica
> complaints that RegionPlot is not a "type of graphics."
> For example, this code fails:
> RegionPlot[y <= (1/x^2) && y >= 0, {x, 1, 3}, {y, 0, 1}, PlotRange ->
> {{0, 3}, {0, 1}},Graphics[Text["mytext", {1.5, 1}]]
> Apparently I'm using Graphics[Text[]]  incorrectly.  How can I get
> such a simple function of putting text at a specific location to work
> in RegionPlot?

Combine the two graphics using

Show[RegionPlot[...], Graphics[Text[...]]]

or, better: use

RegionPlot[...,  Epilog -> {Text[...]}]

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