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Re: Looking for more Mathematica online user groups/forums

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  • Subject: [mg98810] Re: [mg98787] Looking for more Mathematica online user groups/forums
  • From: "Ingolf Dahl" <ingolf.dahl at>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 01:29:32 -0400 (EDT)
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If the answers are not worth waiting 24 hours for, maybe you should not ask?
The people answering your questions put quite an effort into that, and often
need some time to think it over. They must assume that you are enough
interested in the answer to be able to wait for it. So please be a bit
Another point is that there is a quite limited number of people, able and
interested enough, to answer these kind of questions. And too few are able
to be online and responding around the clock.
There has been several attempts to complement MathGroup with other user
resources. The most notable is the Mathematica-users Wiki at But this site seems to be in a state of
slow disintegration (please correct me if I am wrong there!), and that is
something I regret. Other attempts have just faded away, e.g., which just seems dead. So let us
hurray for MathGroup!

Best regards

Ingolf Dahl 

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> Subject: [mg98787] Looking for more Mathematica online user 
> groups/forums
> WRI,
> Since Home edition offers me only 30 days tech support and I 
> am not a student around other Mathematica using students on a 
> campus. And buying expensive books does only cover so much 
> (And many are outdated or does not cover areas outside of 
> math like the Frontend), where on the internet do I find help 
> thats more real time? This group has been very helpful, but I 
> want more rapid turn around time, and someone to teach why 
> some code is good and mine is bad so I learn from mistakes .
> And a big thanks for the few who has taught me well. :-)
> I do find it strange there is not a more active WRI 
> collection of people part of a tech support forum somewhere. 
> A whiteboard version of the FE to aid in support could be a 
> good direction. Collaborative editing FE in real time 
> somehow? How about a Home Ed users forum on WRI site??
> Or perhaps allow Home Edition users email support; if it is 
> so, be clear it is so and how long the turn around time for a 
> reply. Or encourage local universities to create local 
> Mathematica support groups.
> Mathematics is a social activity as much as any other 
> creative one; helping each other is a great way to enjoy learning.
> Andrew, seeking some shoulders to stand on ;-)

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