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Re: Parallel processing downgrade

On Apr 19, 10:30 pm, mark mcclure <mcmcc... at> wrote:
> The change from Mathematica 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 seems to be a
> downgrade in the area of parallel processing.  Try
> LaunchKernels[8] in both.  Back in good old 7.0.0 you
> get:
> {KernelObject[1, "local"], KernelObject[2, "local"],
>  KernelObject[3, "local"], KernelObject[4, "local"],
>  KernelObject[5, "local"], KernelObject[6, "local"],
>  KernelObject[7, "local"], KernelObject[8, "local"]}
> Eight kernels - cool!
> In 7.0.1, you get
> {KernelObject[1, "local"], KernelObject[2, "local"],
>  KernelObject[3, "local"], KernelObject[4, "local"],
>  $Failed, $Failed, $Failed, $Failed}
> A little disappointing.
> The results are independent of how many processors your
> computer has.
> Mark McClure

I believe the default license only supports 4? kernels.

Unless your using grid (and mathlm), then you could try launch the
kernels, one at a time, in a loop.


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