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Re: Looking for more Mathematica online user groups/forums

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  • Subject: [mg98956] Re: Looking for more Mathematica online user groups/forums
  • From: AES <siegman at>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 05:15:18 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Stanford University
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In article <gsk2gf$ntp$1 at>, Bob F <deepyogurt at> 

> I Iam very thankful to those at
> Wolfram who help and reply to all the questions and issues posed on
> this group and for hosting the MathGroup Archive, especially since
> they do it on their own time. 
> And the biggest thank you of all to Steven Christensen who keeps all
> the spam and other stuff from cluttering up this forum and who makes
> sure that the content keeps flowing and organized and everything else
> that he does behind the scenes. I am so happy not to have to wade
> through the countless ads for all the drivel and porn and scams and
> everything else that gets so old on many other newsgroups.

I may beat up pretty aggressively on some of Mathematica's and Wolfram's 
looney [1] policies from time to time in this group; but I'd also like 
to strongly endorse both of the sentiments expressed just above [2].


[1]  I've more often tended to describe some of these policies as 
"insane", but one of the recent supportive emails I received from 
another lurker on the group (and I do get a modest number of such 
private but supportive communications) used instead the term "looney", 
and I think that's even better, or at least more picturesque.

[2]  And I didn't know any of this background information about Steven 
Christensen and had sometimes wondered just who "Steven M. Christensen 
and Associates, Inc." really was.  Other moderated groups often have a 
brief FAQ message that's auto-posted monthly by the moderator, saying 
who the moderator is and giving a few of his or her key policies and 
requests with respect to the operation of the group.  Maybe that would 
be a useful idea here??

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