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Re: Application GUI in Mathematica

Hi Miroslav,

note that a Notebook IS a window.

You may create a notebook programaticalmly using native mathematica 

commands or you may use GUI kit with an additional language.

Here is an example using native commands:




      Text["This is some text."]}, {Pane["Pane1"],

      PieChart3D[{1, 2, 3, 4}]}, {Checkbox[False], Checkbox[True]}}


   , Button["Close", NotebookClose[]]


  , WindowSize -> {350, 250}




Miroslav Cervenka wrote:

> Hello everyone,


> I would have the following question:


> Is there a way how to construct a window with panes, buttons, charts, checkboxes, listboxes, etc. in Mathematica?


> All I have found are separate components which are rendered into a notebook but nothing else. There is a way how to 

> display a window (again, with a notebook inside) and a dialog box but that's it.


> I could not find any example putting all the bits and pieces together.


> Many thanks for your tips in advance!


> Mirek



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