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Re: Re: Advanced plotting

Hi Bill,

Oh, not exactly.

At least on my machine (Windows XP SP2, Mathematica 7.0.0), the peak
value in the 2nd graph is a little higher than that in the 1st one.

To keep the scaling of 2 graphs exactly the same, I have to use the
same Axes setting in both graphs, so the common Y axes is in a
separate one. Any easier solution for this?

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 5:14 PM, Bill Rowe <readnews at> wrote:
> While I agree Inset can be used to create more complex graphics
> and I am glad code I've posted here has been found useful, the
> effect of having a common Y axis with a broken X-axis can be
> done more simply as follows:
> Grid@{{Plot[Sin[2 x], {x, 0, 4}, PlotRange -> {-1.1, 1.1},
>     AxesOrigin -> {0, 0}],
>    Style[Rotate["\[TildeTilde]", 90 Degree], 20],
>    Plot[Cos[2 x], {x, 6, 10}, PlotRange -> {-1.1, 1.1},
>     Axes -> {True, False}]}}

Li Zhengji
If all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail.

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