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Re: Re: MaxValue

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Why don't you just use the equivalent exponent? It would probably be faster

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Round about way

(-1)^n // ComplexExpand

Cos[Pi*n] + I*Sin[Pi*n]

Simplify[(-1)^n == Cos[n*Pi], Element[n, Integers]]


MaxValue[Cos[n*Pi], n]


Bob Hanlon

---- BG <galt32 at> wrote: 

Suppose I want to find supremum of {(-1)^n: n is natural}, MaxValue
just returns the question itself.
if I ask it sup of (1+2)^n, it givs infinity, but max of (1-2)^n it
just returns the question itself.
FindMaximum and FindMinimum also can't handle (-1)^ can it be
done then?

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