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Re: Re: Making your own Definitions using Operators without

Del dot means divergence, not curl, so in the code Curl should be Div. 
And the button should be changed to display a center dot after the del:

    TemplateBox[{"\[SelectionPlaceholder]"}, "Div",
     DisplayFunction -> (RowBox[{"\[Del]", "\[CenterDot]", #}] &)]]]

Of course a corresponding button can now be made so that Del cross gives 

cca at wrote:
> Jerry,
>>> Del CenterDot f_:=Div[f], .....then I get an error message that Del
>>> cannot be followed by CenterDot f
> There are many ways to achieve this in Mathematica. Here goes one quick one
> (for V 6.0.2 and above). Unfortunately, I don't have time to explain (nor
> refine) the code now, but it works. (Use Tab to move through the slot.)
> CreatePalette@
>  Button["\[Del]\[SelectionPlaceholder]",
>   NotebookApply[InputNotebook[],
>    TemplateBox[{"\[SelectionPlaceholder]"}, "Curl",
>     DisplayFunction -> (RowBox[{"\[Del]", "\[CenterDot]", #}] &)]]]

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