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Re: video on Presentations by Williams and Park

In article <h5jddv$13q$1 at>, David Reiss <dbreiss at> 

> In Safari get no sound.  Also at a number of points n the screencast
> the content of the screen content is garbled: i.e., it is not being
> redrawn and the material (such as cursor movement) that is added is
> scrambling the content that is beneath it.
> --David

Same problem here -- and, the opening screen is a huge window, twice as 
tall as my large external display, essentially empty, with no 
explanatory content or instructions in it -- just two very tiny arrow 
icons at the top -- which have no labels to show what they are or what 
they do, and which don't respond (by changing appearance) instantly when 
clicked, to show that they're received the click (even it it will take a 
while to load whatever they are going to load) -- and then, if you 
scroll way down to the bottom, two "box" icons, which seem to have all 
the same defects as the arrow icons at the top.

Sorry to be so niggling about these latter points -- but these little 
things add up rapidly in a GUI display.

And, I may do it, but I'm becoming increasingly resistant to any online 
sites or material that require me to register (not sure if this one does 
or not).  Takes time, and gives one more location access to personal 
data and access for spam.

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